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What we do?

1. Startup Web Design

Custom professional website design. Great for getting your name online  $999.99 




2. Deluxe Web Package

Custom professional web interface design & e-commerce platform with integrated billing api, cart, etc  $1499.99




3. Premier Design Services

Web interface programming, social media, accounts, upload portal, emr, pop-ups, live chat, premium features $1999.99


You are in the right place. Net Diatom is a multi media design company sepcializing in Full Stack web interface programming and mobile application development company. We are based in the United States and provide custom tailored solutions for business clients of multiple diversity.

We bring out of the box designs to practicle health technology concepts, advanced ecommerce billing integration api, advanced artificial intelegence, and excessive online security solutions.

We provide concepts that utilize the technology of html5, php scripting, mariadb, mysql, css, javascript, and node.js. Our staff is advanced in compiling multiple solutions into a dashboard or portal concept to make the most of multiple common advanced technologies.